About us

UAB „SKP stiklas“ – one of the biggest and most modern manufacturer of insulating glass units in all Baltic countries.

Our strength and advantages:

  • Experienced personnel – core of personnel consist of people, who work in company more than 10 years;
  • Modern equipments – modern glass cutting and storage system, gathering line of insulating glass units, flex machanism of spacer bar confirm the highest modern requirement.
  • Experiance more than 10 years of insulating glass units manufacturing – from the smallest 150x200 mm to the biggest 3000x5000 mm insulating glass units.
  • Universality – for the reason, that we are co-operating with the biggest glass manufacturers, we can propose production with different glasses: safety, thermo insulation, sound insulation sun reflecting and other glasses. Also we can propose different complexity production.

„SKP stiklas“ history

UAB „SKP stiklas“ was established in 2007 years, although begin of company existance is 1995 years, when finaces of the most famous Lithuanian basketball player Arvydas Sabonis was invested in innovative and promising field of manufactuture – production of plastic windows and doors. In 1998 years, company was beginning manufacture of aluminium constructions and insulating glass units. Our company was grown very  rapidly, sales and manufacture was increased very rapidly also. From 2003 years, our company was becoming one of the biggest insulating glass units manufacturer in all Baltic countries.

In 2007 years, UAB „Sabinio klubas ir partneriai“ was reorganized: aluminium facades and insulating glass units were separated to two different companies. For tihs reason, in 2007 years, was established a new company – UAB „SKP stiklas“, which intercepted all movement involved with the insulating glass units.

In 2008 years our company was purchased two companies – UAB „Lanreta“ and UAB „Glastika“, for the reason that improve position in Lithuanian market.   

In 2010 years, our company was increased an authorized capital till 1`600`000 million Lt, and ensured aims to be reliable partner for suppliers and customers.

  • Manufacturing base of company in Kaunas – 4500 m2;
  • Number of personnel in 2011 years – 72 people;
  • Lines of glass cutting Helga – 3 units, one of them is for laminated glass (till 3210x6000 mm) cutting;
  • Lines of insulating glass units gathering – 4 units:
    • Bystronic (Germany) – max insulating glass unit 2700x5000 mm;
    • Lisec (Austria) – max dimesion of product 2500x3600 mm;
    • Landhard (Germany);
    • Buxtrup – min dimension of production 100x200 mm;
  • Capacity of manufacture – till 4000 unit per day;
  • Through the last 10 years our company was made more than 4 million insulating glass units!;
  • Sales of company:

2011 year – 24.00 million Lt / 6.95 million Euro;

2010 year – 18.40 million Lt / 5.33 million Euro;

2009 year – 13.63 million Lt / 3.95 million Euro;

2008 year – 37.00 million Lt / 10.70 million Euro;