Sun protection glass packs


SUN SKP - group of insulating glass units involving the insulating glass units produced by using the glass packs which reduce solar energy conductance.

Suitable for residential or public buildings where requirements not only for heat energy savings but also for solar control are raised.

Glass facades are becoming more common in modern buildings. The larger the areas for glazing in a building, the bigger the impact of glazing qualities will be for its operation. Next to the visual appearance, the key qualities which characterize insulating glass units are heat transmittance coefficient, light permeability and solar energy control.

In order to create a cost and convenient environment, such buildings require not only warm, but also light-permeable and solar-energy protective insulating glass units. The level of effectiveness of such qualities is defined by the ration between light transmittance (LT) and solar factor (SF). The closer it is to 2, the more effective the glass is, i. e. more light enters the room and the premises are protected against solar energy at most.

Glasses which comply with such requirements not only enable to avoid heat losses at winter time, but also reduce costs of conditioning in summer time.

Insulating glass units of the following types can reduce transmission of solar energy:



SUN / SELECT - transparent and toned glass with modern multifunctional films which enable the LT/SF ratio of glass units get closer to 2. These insulating glass units belong to the latest generation and their qualities make them most suitable for residential and public buildings where conditions of living and comfort are considered important.



SUN / REFLECT - insulating glass units in which the external functional glass is transparent or toned and has special films for reflection of both light and solar energy. This group of products enables realization of the most interesting architectural ideas due to the vast number of colors.



SUN / COLOUR - insulating glass units in which the functional glass is the glass toned in mass which enables choosing of the required color of glass and reduces transmission of the solar energy to the room due to absorption.