Safe glass packs


SKP SAFE - group of insulating glass units involving the insulating glass units produced using safe glass.

Safe glass is laminated, tempered or reinforced glass.

When making design of windows and outside doors, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • purpose of use of the building premises and intensity of activity of their users, i.e. number of persons who can access glazing in critical areas and their activity;
  • resistance of glass against strokes and way of breakage;
  • measurement of glass in critical areas.

Glass safety is described by classes of glass resistance to strokes and type of breakage.

Glass properties and classes defining glass properties in accordance with LST EN 12600:

Glass property

Glass class


Resistance to stroke 3, 2, 1 3 class glass - lowest resistance to strokes,
1 class - highest resistance to strokes.
Type of glass breakage A Glass breaks up into multiple different-sized sharp-edged pieces.
 This feature of glass breakage is typical of the ordinary glass
hardener thermally and chemically.
B Glass can crack or break, but glass pieces remain stuck to the film.
 This feature of glass breakage is typical of laminated glass covered
with films and wire grid.
C Glass breaks into multiple small pieces which are relatively harmless.
This feature of glass breakage is typical of thermally hardened glass.

The use of safety glass in Lithuania is regulated by Technical Regulations for Construction STR 2.05.20:2006 “Windows and outside doors”.

The following standards are used for classification of safety glass:

  • LST EN 12600:2003. Construction glass. Pendulum test. Method and classification of shock test for sheet glass. This standard defines resistance of glass against strokes and type of breakage. Classification is applied for laminated and tempered glass (see Table 1.1 and 1.2).
  • LST EN 356:2002. Construction glass. Protective window glass. Test of resistance against hand-stroke and classification. Glass classified according to this standard show the level of safety against break-in or fall. Only laminated glass is classified as safe according to this standard (see Table 2.1 and 2.2).